Friday, December 25, 2009

We are over half way there!
Last month we shared that a very generous donor has offered to match every dollar donated to Women’s Earth Alliance up to $100,000.  And they will every year for the next three years! 
As of today you have contributed $65,000 towards this incredible match opportunity.  We are overwhelmed by your support and feel so grateful for all that you’re doing for WEA, for the women we serve and for our planet earth.
If you have not yet donated to WEA, this is the time! 

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Work we believe in (A letter from Paul Hawken and Julia Butterfly Hill)

Dear Friends,
As you know, Women's Earth Alliance has a $100,000 match on the table. This morning Amira and Melinda told us that they are 75% there.  As WEA Advisors and donors, we see this as a tremendous moment for this world-class organization.
If you haven't already (which many of you have!), we invite you to include Women's Earth Alliance in your year-end contributions.  There has never been a better time to step in and support their work because your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar.
When supported with the tools they need, grassroots women leaders are an unstoppable force. 
Solome from Uganda is a perfect example.  She works with grandmothers who are left to care for as many as 12 grandchildren because their parents have died from HIV/AIDS.  Through her work with WEA and the Global Women's Water Initiative, she has taught grandmothers throughout her region how to bring clean water to their families using rainwater harvesting techniques.
Hundreds of people in this community now have access to a safe, hope-filled future.
Here are the ways for you to participate in inspired giving to WEA:
1. Make a one-time contribution or a 3-year pledge today. Gifts of any size make a huge difference.
2. Buy a WEA Gift Card for a loved one. (Here's a video to tell you how.)
3. Join the WEA Giving Circle by making a three-year pledge (which will be matched dollar-for-dollar each year)
Thank you for being a part of the WEA family and helping us reach this unprecedented dollar-for-dollar match.
With joy,
Paul Hawken and Julia Butterfly Hill

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Feed two birds with one seed this season

We shared with you here the exciting news about a very generous donor’s offer to Women’s Earth Alliance.  Every donation to Women’s Earth Alliance before December 31, 2009 will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000. 
We are happy to report that we are 70% there!  With just $30,000 more to go, we are so close to reaching our goal and maximizing this golden opportunity. 
If you are thinking about donating, this is the time!  Are you also shopping for gifts for friends and family? 
You can feed two birds with one seed with Weaving the Worlds Gift Cards!
Women's Earth Alliance coordinates resources, technology and training for women leaders on the frontlines of the world's climate change crisis.  When supported with the tools they need -- grassroots women leaders are an unstoppable force!
Solome from Uganda is a perfect example.  She works with grandmothers who are left to care for as many as 12 grandchildren because their parents have died from HIV/AIDS.  Through her work with WEA, she has taught grandmothers throughout her region how to bring clean water to their families using rainwater harvesting.
We hope you'll help us celebrate her success, and the promise of grassroots women leaders rising to solve the world's problems one village at a time, by donating this season. 
Donate today!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WEA Partners in the News

We do not do our work alone.  Key to WEA’s strategy is collaboration.  Everywhere we go, whether it be Africa, India or the sacred lands of North America, we partner with other organizations to provide the services we provide.  It is through these partnerships that we reach more women and create more sustainable change.
It is an exciting time with so much happening with our colleague organizations.  We want to share the following news items about these amazing leaders in their fields:
  • One of WEA's partners in Africa, Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari  Maathai of The Greenbelt Movement, is participating in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15)  this week.  She is advocating on behalf of Africa and on behalf of women.  She's posting regularly to her website and you can read more by clicking here
  • A Single Drop is a partner with Women's Earth Alliance in our work in Africa.  Gemma Bulos, A Single Drop's Founder, was recognized by The Schwab Foundation as a Social Entrepreneur of the Year.  This is quite an honor and one that is truly deserved. 
  • Congratulations to the Barefoot College!  They recently won Half the Sky contest, coordinated by Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl Wudunn, authors of Half the Sky.   We visited the Barefoot College on our recent Learning Delegation.  Half the Sky is spreading the word far and wide about how we all can empower women to change the world.  Check them out on Oprah!
  • Shashi Tyagi, one of the many Indian leaders we met with on our recent Learning Delegation, received the prestigious Dalmiya Award on November 13.  This award, given for outstanding work on environment and natural resources, was presented to Shashi on behalf of GRAVIS.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Calling African Women for Unique Opportunity

Along with our partner organizations we are seeking applicants for the Global Women’s Water Initiative (GWWI) 2010 West Africa Program.  This is a unique opportunity for African women who are working for water security and environmental sustainability in their communities.
The GWWI is a joint venture of international organizations A Single Drop, Crabgrass, and Women’s Earth Alliance. The 2010 West Africa Program is in partnership with WaterAid Ghana.  
Here are the details:
WHAT: The GWWI equips two-person teams of local African women leaders with technology training, introductory business skills, networking support, and seed funding to launch water service projects in their communities that have the potential to become income-generating.
Attendees will create and commit to specific action plans for the year following the training. The GWWI team will provide seed funding and follow-up support for each team to implement a water project.

WHO: We welcome environmental advocates, organizers and entrepreneurs to apply. 

WHEN: One week, 24 February – 3 March 2010

WHERE:  Near Accra, Ghana at the Kokrobitey Institute
Want to learn more?  Email us at womenandwater @
Help us spread the word.  Copy this into:
Twitter: @womensearthally is seeking applications for Water Training in Africa.
Facebook: Women’s Earth Alliance is seeking applications for its 2010 Water Initiative in Africa.  Take a look and spread the word!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Give the Gift of Sustainable Farming

Instead of giving something that won’t fit…
Too big
Give the gift of heirloom seeds, organic farming techniques, and business skills so that women can grow food for their families and communities in a sustainable way. Give $50 or more towards the participation fee of an Indian woman farmer to attend a WEA Capacity-Building Training in 2010.
hands small
Give a Women's Earth Alliance Gift Card instead of more stuff, and you will be supporting women leaders around the world who devote their lives to ensure clean water, healthy food and environmental justice for generations to come.
With each Gift Card we will send a beautiful, handwritten note to the friend or family member you've chosen.
Simply click here. We'll take care of the rest.
Want to join us by giving your friends and family the gift of a healthy environment this holiday season?
Weaving the Worlds Gift Cards. Available now.


Check out our interview on KPFA from this morning!
Today was the final installment of Claire Cummings’ "Countdown to Copenhagen" series and focused on women, indigenous communities and climate change. The interview starts at around minute 34.
Click here to listen!
It was an honor to share the mic with Jihan Gearon of Indigenous Environmental Network and Wahleah Johns of Black Mesa Water Coalition, one of WEA’s International Advisory Board members.
Thanks to Claire Cummings and her series about climate change and the road to Copenhagen. Click here to learn about our recent conference call about climate change and how it’s affecting indigenous people.